Configuration can be in any file you choose however mirrors.conf is what is included. The file must be included when mirrors is run with the -c flag.

(ex. mirrors -c mirrors.conf)

Global Config Options


All of the global configuration is stored within the [GLOBAL] block. If it is not present the application will fail to load.

async_processes = 4

The number of syncs that may be run at any given time. Scheduled syncs will wait until a spot opens up before it will begin running.

log_file = ./mirrors.log

Application log file. This is were errors, warnings or general information is logged to. Default is mirrors.log

check_sleep = 30

Time to sleep in between syncs . Default is 30 seconds.

Repo Options


Name of the repo in brackets. This is how it will be accessed within the repl.

source = rsync://

Source of the rsync transfer.

rsync_args = -avhz

Flags to pass into the rsync process.

destination = ./distros/

Destination of the rsync file transfer.

weight = 0

Weight of the sync. Lower numbers will go before higher numbers. Value between -10 and 10. Default is 0

pre_command =

Shell command to run before the rsync starts.

post_command =

Shell command to run after the rsync finishes.

log_file = ./log/LDP.log

Location of the repo log file. Rsync STDOUT and STDERR are piped here.

async_sleep = 2h

Time to wait after a sync has completed before it is re-queued.

hourly_sync = 0,6.5,12,18.5

Strict time frame for syncs to run.